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What is Krilltech?

KrillTech is a Brazilian tech startup that emerged from the partnership between the University of Brasília (UnB) and EMBRAPA (Brazilian Research Agriculture Corporation) focused on the development of sustainable and highly productive agriculture.

KrillTech offers disruptive solutions based on Green Nanotechnology at enhancing the yield and nutritional quality of the crops. Our team works developed the most effective nutritional solutions for any kind of crop and growing condition (indoor and outdoor). We have developed several types of nanofertilizer and biostimulants to boost the plant metabolisms and improve the nutritional quality of the food. Our products increase the photosynthesis rates and  the efficiency of water consumption by plants, and provide all essential plant nutrients.

Our products are biocompatible and do not affect soil and aquatic biota, since they are non-toxic to fungi, bacteria, insects, fish, and superior animals. In addition, our nanofertilizers and nanobiostimulants can be metabolized by the plant (Non-Bioaccumulatives).



A KrillTech provides innovative solutions in nanofertilizers and nanobiostimulants addressing the need for the development of sustainable agriculture and contribute for improving the  quality of life of  human being. Our company is committed to the   following United Nations Sustainable and Development Goals (SDGs):

•    No Poverty;

•    Zero Hunger;

•    Good Health Conditions and Overall Well-Being;

•    Decent Work Conditions and Economic Growth;

•    Industry Innovation and Infrastructure;

•    Reduced Inequality.


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